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Cost of Folding Doors

Your guide to the cost of folding doors

Bifold Doors for your home – what are the options & prices?

Folding doors, also called bi-fold or multi-fold doors, are large doors that consist of multiple parts, which can fold sideways onto each other like a sort of accordion.

Because of this, they can be moved in such a way that they completely uncover the opening they are installed within.

It is this special aspect of folding doors that makes them particularly well-suited for use as external doors, as they create a smooth and nearly seamless transition from the inside of your home to the outside.

Since folding doors are made out of multiple panels, this also allows them to be fitted side by side in order to cover a large surface area. So if you wanted the effect of having a “wall made of glass” there is no better way to create one than to use double glazed bifold doors (unless they are triple glazed!)

This further enhances their suitability as external doors, as they offer an unparalleled view of the outside. It also makes bifold doors different from inline sliding doors, which can only open to a certain point without ever completely uncovering the full aperture, because the sliding doors have to remain within the constraints of the door frame.

What are the options for Bifold Doors?

Any retailer offering bi-folding doors will have a variety of options available.

The customisable aspects of a bifold door include the material used for the frame, the type of glazing, colour and the specification of the door frames themselves.

In other words, not only can you pick the look of the final product and make sure it fits your home’s general aesthetic: you can also determine the extent to which it insulates your house, reduces the loss of energy and heat from within, and protects you from the weather or unlawful entry.

Some manufacturers also offer special features to enhance the ease of use, such as the type of sliding track the doors will be installed with, for example:

  • Low level thresholds
  • Rebated thresholds
  • Top or bottom hung door tracks (top hung doors need strong overhead fixing points)

In addition to the above, virtually any folding door will come with a secure locking system, which means that your home’s safety is right at the top of the list.

For a door set with 3 or more panels or leaves, you will generally also have the option to have one panel open up like a traditional door (traffic door) while locking the other panels in place, to create a natural passageway without having to open up each and every panel — especially useful in cold or wet weather.

What are bifold doors manufactured from?

You have three primary choices:

  • Timber – Hardwood, engineered wood, soft wood core with hardwood veneers
  • Aluminium
  • uPVC

Timber bifold doors are considered by many to be the “authentic” style. Offering the natural beauty of wood and the latest in energy saving features.

However, wood is wood, and will always have some issue (to a greater or lesser degree) with expansion & contraction caused by wet weather that is greater than you would get with either uPVC or Aluminium.

Aluminium & uPVC do not absorb water and therefore do not expand or contract as a result of prolonged wet weather.

Having said that, if your timber doors are properly maintained the majority of any swelling or shrinkage can be mitigated effectively.

Aluminium is fast gaining a reputation of offering super slim, ultra-modern designs that last a very long time and look great. However, good quality aluminum bifold doors are not the cheapest.

uPVC bifold doors have established themselves as a cost effective, energy efficient and good looking option. As with Aluminium, you can get them in a range of finishes, including a wood grained surface and dual colour option.

How much do bifold doors cost

Looking at pricing:

A good quality, fully installed 3 Panel bifold door would probably cost you in the range of between £2,400 to £2,500.

For this price you would get a white uPVC door set with 3 openers (no traffic door) sized 2500mm width x 2100mm height

If you wanted the same size fully fitted 3 panel bifold patio door set with a mahogany outer finish & white inner finish, the cost would be around £2,800 to £3,000

depending on where you are purchasing it, how large of an opening the door will need to cover, and how many panels you would like the entire door to consist of.

Wider individual glazed door panels can sometimes be costlier per panel than narrower versions.

As an example of this, an opening of 3000 mm width could fit a 3 or 4 panel set of bifold doors and the prices (for supply only) would be as follows:

  • 3 x panel @ 3000mm width – £2,799
  • 4 x panel @ 3000mm width – £2,619

As you can see from the above example, you have an opening that can fit 4 smaller or 3 larger panels. But bear in mind that, when opting for smaller panels, you do have more door frames which can break up the view a somewhat.

The price may also depend on the type of material used for the frame. Wooden frames will give a more natural and traditional feeling, while aluminium frames make for a sleek and modern appearance; however, aluminium can be costlier.

If you want to find out how much bifold patio doors cost for your home just ask us!– click here.